XFX 9800GTX Plus Black Edition Review :: Conclusion

11-13-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX 9800GTX Plus Black Edition Review

The 9800GTX+ Black Edition from XFX is on the market for a $229.00 price point, or nearly the same price as some of the HD 4850 cards and is still lower than the HD 4870 or GeForce GTX260 chipset models. There's a lot of overlap in the video card market as video cards that were $350 are now under $200 and video cards that are being introduced now have different competition than the manufacturers expected at launch. Performance is higher than the 9800GTX and slightly higher than the HD 4850 in some instances. This card a year ago would have been the fastest card on the market but today it is considered a mid-range card. Currently there is a $10.00 rebate on this card on many e-tailors sites.

The new XFX 9800GTX+ Black Edition is probably one of if not, the fastest 9800GTX+ card on the market at the moment, and paired in an SLI configuration they are smoking fast, even faster than a standard GTX280 oddly enough. Add the fact the card comes with a full retail edition of Far Cry 2 only sweetens the pot on buying this card. The game alone cost $49.00 at some retail stores, which is you calculate into the price makes the card about $179.00, ad in the rebate and the price is even better. Almost all NVIDIA cards are made from the same place as fabrication plants for these cards are a small amount of companies so the company you buy from is a very important factor. XFX offers excellent warranty programs and solid customer service as well as being responsive to email and phone support. The card in single mode is fast; in SLI mode it's faster than just about anything you can get your hands on without custom modifications to the cards themselves. This is a solid Editors Choice product from NVIDIA and the folks at XFX. Good job on revamping and renewing an older card, it's extended its end of life by a few months at least.