Thermaltake Xaser VI Case Review :: Introduction

11-10-2008 · Category: Hardware -

By Ben Sun

One of the most overlooked parts of the computer is the chassis holding it together. While the CPU may have the brains of the computer, the video card the display of the computer and the hard drive space determines how much data the computer can hold, the case determines how many hard drives the computer can have inside and the size of the motherboard it can hold. This is one reason that case reviews are important though often overlooked.

Thermaltake is well known as a Power Supply, Cooling and CPU cooling company that manufactures cases as well. Today's review is on the Thermaltake Xaser VI case that they sent for review recently. This is a full-tower ATX case that Thermaltake says is the first 10 PCI slot case in the world and should be an interesting choice for the water cooler and overclocker in all of us. So let's see what this case is all about.