Palit HD 4870 512MB Video Card Review :: Introduction

10-23-2008 · Category: Hardware -

By Ben Sun

Palit has been building video cards based upon both NVIDIA and ATI chips for years now. Their video cards have generally been reference versions of the respective chipsets and I have reviewed several of their cards in the last few months. ATI announced their HD 4870 card a few months ago to great results, taking the lead in the price/performance arena forcing NVIDIA to lower the suggested MSRP of their products to compete. This is good for the consumer but bad for NVIDIA which has announced numerous problems in the last few months related to their mobility chipsets.

Palit has announced several HD 4870 based cards including the reference one that was reviewed by me two months ago at the ATI launch of the new card. Today, they are launching a new card with higher clock speeds than the reference design and a new cooler. The card on the review test bench today is the Palit HD 4870 512MB Sonic edition. It should be an interesting comparison with the 512MB card and even more interesting comparison with the 1GB version of the HD 4870. Will the added memory make up for the increased clock speeds of this card? Will the card run cooler than the 512MB card? These questions and more will be answered in this review.