Thecus N5200BR NAS Server Review :: Conclusion

10-06-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Doc Overclock

Thecus N5200BR NAS Server Review

With the ever-increasing sizes of files including H.264 content, the need for a NAS server has never been clearer. While the Thecus N5200BR system goes for an amazingly high price of $699 or so, what you get is the ability to back up your files on a RAID 0,1,5,6, 10 or JBOD array and the simplicity of setting up the various RAID array options available on the 5200BR. The N5200BR is a computer in its own right and the ability to back up files onto a file server and use it as a FTP server and other uses is well worth the price when balanced in the whole. The amount of energy the N5200BR consumes is less than a normal PC as the CPU is a Celeron-M 600MHz. As a file server, the N5200BR is an excellent example of using old hardware for new uses that work. There is nothing to complain about with the 5200BR, it is a solid well built and thought-out system that employs simple ideas and makes the user feel at ease with the unit from the point of entry of its installation to final backup of your files and information. The 5200BR is a two thumbs up Editors Choice product, good job Thecus.