Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card Review :: Gigabyte GV-N98TZL-512H Bundle

10-03-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun
  • HDMI to DVI Adapter
  • DVI to D-Sub adapters x2
  • 6-pin power adapter
  • Driver CD
  • Manual

Gigabyte chose to forgo the game bundle with this card to keep costs down. The costs were passed on to the Zalman cooler. As games get old fast I found this to be prudent as I prefer better cooling to a game that I may already own. The Driver CD comes with the 175.18 drivers which are pretty recent but I would suggest using the latest off NVIDIA’s website which are based upon the 177.79 drivers with a release date of 7/29/2008.

Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card Review Box


Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card Review Box rear

Box rear

Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card Review Card in box

Card in box

Gigabyte 9800GT 512MB Video Card Review Bundle


The hardware bundle of the card comes with a 6-pin to Molex power adapter that allows the users of older PSUs to use this card, two DVI-I to D-sub adapters and a HDMI to DVI adapter. With the proliferation of DVI monitors on the market this gives the end-user maximum flexibility as to the type of monitors you can use with this card.

NVIDIA’s drivers have reached 177.79, which are the latest on their website. This driver supports CUDA on the GeForce 8 and 9 series cards and PhysX when the PhysX system software is installed in tandem with the Forceware drivers. 3DMark Vantage supports PhysX and shows a remarkable performance increase with the 9800GT. The Gigabyte 9800GT card scores more than 1000 points more with PhysX enabled due to the physics being done on the video card instead of strictly the CPU.