MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review :: MSI Radeon 4850 Bundle

09-05-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun
  • MSI Radeon 4850 video card
  • DVI to HDMI Dongle
  • DVI to Analog dongle
  • S-Video
  • RCA Cable converter
  • Quick Userís Guide
  • Manual
  • Driver CD

Video card manufacturers tend to include a standard set of peripherals with their video card. MSI chose not to include a game, figuring that the costs associated with the printing of game discs and license fees are better served to be used on keeping the card at as low a price as possible. Iím of the opposite opinion; Iíd rather have a new copy of a game to show off the new graphics card.

MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review Box


MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review Rear Box shot

Rear Box shot

MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review Card in box

Card in box

MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review Bundle


The DVI to HDMI Dongle allows the HD 4850 to be used by a either a DVI or a HDMI monitor. You can also attach a HDMI HDTV to the card with this dongle. The DVI to Analog dongle allows the connection of an analog CRT monitor. The Driver CD contains the drivers for the card and MSIís software including MSI Live Update, Goodmen, and Lockbox WMInfor, MSI VIVID, MSI Live, E-Color, MediaRing, ShowShift, ThinSoft Be Twin, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft DirectX 9.0C.

Every month, ATI releases a new driver. Today they are on Catalyst 8.8, which is the latest version of their drivers. Monthly driver releases have the advantage of being able to fix an issue relatively quickly. Catalyst drivers are updated with new performance enhancements and fixes to games. ATIís driver guru, Terry Makedon turned their driver team around from the early days when issues were pretty big on the ATI drivers.