Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB Single/SLI Video Card Review :: Conclusion

09-01-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB Single/SLI Video Card Review

The GeForce 9800GT card is in many respects a rebadged 8800GT card in a new package. The 9800GT has many things in common with the earlier 8800GT which is both a blessing and a curse. Performance of the 9800GT in single mode is as to be expected of a 9800GT. Performance in SLI mode, however really shines with nearly double the performance of a single card across the board. Single card performance is not bad at all; itís just not something to do loops over in a world full of VGA options.

Two 9800GTs beat a GeForce GTX280 which is pretty amazing considering the performance of that card. Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB is available online today at a price of $170, meaning that two of them would cost you less than a GeForce GTX 280 which they would outperform and be a better value. Palit has released three versions of the 9800GT including the reference clocked one, this card which offers better cooling and 1GB of memory and the 9800GT Sonic card which has a higher clock speed. The addition of PhysX enabled software allows the card to improve frame rates up to 20% as it offloads the physics to the GPU from the graphics card. This is a serious Hot Product as in SLI mode you get one kick ass pair of VGA cards that can almost just plain wallop the GTX280 standard edition card.