Palit 9800GT Super+ 1GB Single/SLI Video Card Review :: Introduction

09-01-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

NVIDIA has been in a bit of a hurt recently with the revelations that their 8600GT notebook video cards might be defective and the launch of ATI’s HD4xxx series which caused NVIDIA to redefine their video card lineup to compete better in price/performance. Recently, NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX280 and GTX260 cards which were much faster than the last generation GeForce 9800GTX cards but had the disadvantage of competing against less expensive at the time ATI chips.

The vast majority of video card sales are not in the $300+ category and with different cards on the market today with different chips it can be a little confusing as some cards that were higher priced on the market just a few months ago are now much lower in the price range. NVIDIA’s approach to the $150 price range is called the 9800GT, which will be NVIDIA’s first 55 nanometer product in the near future. Palit manufactures video cards based upon both NVIDIA and ATI chips and today’s card on the test bench is the 9800GT Super+ 1GB from Palit.