ATI All-In-Wonder HD Video Card Review :: Conclusion

08-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

ATI All-In-Wonder HD Video Card Review

The All in Wonder HD is an interesting jack of all trades video card. The good points include the ability to playback and record live TV on the PC, decent gaming performance in the form of the HD 3650 and the ability to run FM Radio. ATI has a problem whenever releasing a new All In Wonder card in that they have to redesign the PCB to fit the TV components and with the constant barrage of new video card releases this causes situations where the previous generation video card is released with the A-I-W moniker and competition to come from unlikely sources.

The A-I-W cards are available from several of ATIís partners for a suggested MSRP of around $200 which is more than the cost of a HD 4850 on the market today. If gaming is your primary concern it would be better to buy a HD 4850 and a HDTV tuner if that is the route you want to go but the A-I-W HD is targeted for the home theater crowd not the hardcore gamer. For the casual gamer wanting to watch TV or listen to FM Radio, the A-I-W HD is definitely an excellent buy as you get much more than just a video card. For the Home Theater crowd, the A-I-W HD fits the bill in spades with the ability to watch HDTV, and HD content like Blu Ray discs without another card or additional software.