Lian-Li V1100 Black Case Review :: Introduction

08-18-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Lian-Li is one of the most well-known case manufacturers in the enclosure crowd based in Taiwan. Makers of such cases as the Armor P80R case that formed the basis of the AMD Spider platform launch, Lian-Li cases have found their way into many an enthusiast PC as their cases are well-designed, fully featured and have great quality to their builds. Today I’m reviewing the latest in a long line of Lian-Li cases, the Lian-Li PC-V1100 Black Case.

Cases are among the most overlooked computer components. After all, a case isn’t in the strictest sense necessary to run the computer, nor is the case going to give you that extra FPS in a multiplayer game to win. But the case is important to the gamer for the looks, expansion options and mobility. A case can make the difference between a person saying “wow what a powerful system” and “Wow what a beautiful looking powerful system!”