Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 Video Card Review :: Conclusion

08-12-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 Video Card Review

Well now its official everyone ATI is back in the top dog position as far as single card solutions go and itís a good change of pace for the users and the market to let NVIDIA play catch-up again. The new ATI Radeon 4870 X2 is a kick ass product and will appease even the most doubting user who demands the absolutely best performance they can get from heir VGA solution. Palitís first version of this card is based solely off the reference designed specs and depending on sales we may see an overclocked or super cooled version in the near future.

There is nothing to balk about with this release, even the price is not overtly overboard from an out of gate newcomer X2 series card as the 4870 X2 will even out price wise at about $500.00 US, and thatís not too out of line for what the card offers and represents. Most cards lately from either ATI or NVIDIA have been overpriced, usually in the over $600.00 range and hat really puts the card out of the reach of most peopleís budgets. $500.00 for the top of the line card when it hits the streets is reasonable in todayís PC market where top of the line CPUs are $1200.00, motherboards $400.00 and 4GB ofDDR3 memory are $300.00 as these are the major components that make up your gaming computer. Palit and ATI together have a solid winning victory in the new Radeon HD 4870 X2 card, it a serious Editorís Choice product for anyone who is serious about their game. NVIDIA, please hand over the crown to ATI, you held the torch for a long time, but now the crowning glory belongs to ATI. Long Live The King!