Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 Video Card Review :: Introduction

08-12-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

ATI has had their ups and downs in a business that is constantly shifting and changing, and the VGA game is only second to the memory industry as the most volatile of businesses to be in. It has been a few years since ATI stood at the top of the hill and not since the 9700 launch have we seen them be the top dog of the VGA companies. NVIDIA known as one of the most ruthless and cunning companies ever to be is their arch rival and they have been battling with ATI in a tooth and nail struggle to maintain dominance over this playing field. ATI in America is a company that almost is too mellow on their battle tactics as they take a very aloof stance when it comes to reviewer pressure and outright shit talking about the competition. I give them credit for this, as this has to be a difficult thing to do to in the dog eat dog VGA world.

Palit has been making a strong emergence onto American soil and this pattern shows in the reviews being written and the amount of cards they have brought to market here. Being a partner of both the big boys has proven to be a good position for this Taiwanese company as they have the leverage to not be cornered by any one company and forced to do things someone elseís way instead of their own. The release of the new 4870X2 spells the end of NVIDIA dominance for the moment and I am glad for this change of events as NVIDIA has really held this spot for too long. NVIDIA has been seeding dissention on this product and claiming that two of their GTX260 cards are a better VGA solution than the 4870X2, but the power requirements alone capsize that ship as does the need for occupation of two of your PCI slots. NVIDA is going to have to face the facts this round and accept that ATI has made a strong comeback.