Bridgeview 2-Port USB/DVI KVM Switch With Audio Review :: Introduction

08-10-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Doc Overclock

One of the problems with the modern computer age is the sheer number of devices that can be attached to one monitor at a time. DVI monitors have become prevalent in the home and business and the average computer user might have more than one computer to attach to a single monitor. For example a DVI HDTV and another computer with a video card with a DVI port can easily fit into one room.

Two computers can easily get clogged up with the sheer number of cables that need to be attached or removed to change from one to another or require a whole new set of keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers. This is where the KVM switch comes in handy. Bridgeview makes a variety of KVM switches for every user from the 2-port ones to the multi-port ones that can handle many computers. Todayís review is on the 2-Port USB/DVI KVM Switch with Audio Model: BR-U1021DA. The box states it works with both Macs and PCs so letís see if it does all that it claims.