Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review :: The Interior

07-31-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

The removable HDD bay consists of five 3.5 HDD locations mounted on a sideways orientation, and two further HDD locations on the bottom of the case, making a total of seven available HDD locations. This is an elegant solution, as otherwise the case would have to be much taller or the HDD cage would have to be two deep as on some cases. The HDD assembly does not interfere with motherboard installation.

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review Removable bay

Removable bay

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review HDD/Fan bay

HDD/Fan bay

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review Mesh grill

Mesh grill

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review Accessories bay

Accessories bay

The top of the case is the PSU area of the case as is often the case on many cases on the market today. Some cases have room on the bottom of the case for the PSU, but Thermaltake took the case design and modified it so the PSU area can be changed depending on the size of the PSU. Long PSUs like the ToughPower 1KW series PSUs from Thermaltake can be easily accommodated by this system.

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review PSU area

PSU area

Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review Adjustable PSU screw

Adjustable PSU screw

The Armor 6001 case has a removable Motherboard tray. This assists in installing the motherboard into the system by allowing the end-user to mount the mounting screws, motherboard, and add-ons outside of the case, then sliding the tray back into the case to finish. The rear IO area of the interior has 10 yes 10 PCI slot openings. Also in the tray is a hole for cable management, allowing the cables to be routed out the back of the case in one location.

The number of fans available to the end-user is important, as proper cooling of a system can make or break the system. The Thermaltake Armor case has a total of three cooling areas for the VGA, the CPU and the HDD rack. The VGA cooling fan area is in lieu of up to two of the HDD enclosures. Up to two 140mm fans can be installed in this location. The HDD cage is cooled by a 140mm fan mounted to the front area of the HDDs. There is a 120mm fan on the top of the motherboard in the traditional space.