Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case Review :: Introduction

07-31-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Full Tower cases have some elements that canít be done on a med-Tower ATX case. For one thing the Full-Tower case often has more drive bays, more room for HDD cages and room for elaborate water-cooling systems. For another, the Full Tower case can generally have much more internal space for drives and other media.

Thermaltake builds cases, Power Supplies and other computer components. They are famous for their water and air cooling systems and their cases. Today Iím reviewing the Thermaltake Armor VH6001 Case, which is a Full Tower case and one that conforms with NVIDIAís Enthusiast System Architecture specification that is meant for the hardware enthusiast to get the best overclocking, and performance out of their system.