Palit GeForce GTX280 Review :: Conclusion

07-26-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Palit GeForce GTX280 Review

One thing about the new GTX280 in any flavor and that is that it is fast, the fastest chipset available at the moment and that makes it widely coveted by the enthusiast’s crowd who must have the latest greatest tech in their system. NVIDA’s scalability in offering multiple SLI configurations that use three or more cards is a great option for those that are using large monitors as the more cards the better the performance is at NVIDIA’s highest supported resolutions. Most gamers will never need more than one GX280, but the option is there if you need it. NIVIDIA’s high-end chipset cards are priced at the top of the charts as well making them unobtainable by those with a weak cash flow and only for the serious gamer.

Palit has started to make waves in the industry again, and has a strong team including Toms Hardware veteran Darren Polkowski, and former MSI VGA man, Brandon Lu’tron to name a few. These folks just need to get some name branding in the states to help make them a household name as they make great products and have a product lineup of VGA cards that rivals anyone in the business. They need to get a better image to rep them in the states as well as frogs are cute and the Asian market likes that Anime and curtsy stuff, bet we Americans are a bit of a harder core audience and like images that portray strength and a bit of craziness.

Underneath almost every 280 card sticker is the same card in the GTX280 family of cards, with differences being cosmetic in nature in almost every case. There are a few bold partners who make spec changes and such, but that is a limited number of cards being brought to market at best. My point is this; almost every GTX280 you see on the shelf was made with the same spec and same manufacturing procedures so who you buy from becomes a very valid concern in a sea of manufactures. Palit is the biggest NVIDIA and ATI partner with the positions and distribution levels to bring solid business to the game. The Palit GTX280 is another Editors Choice product as it features the fastest single chipset card in the world the NVIDIA GTX280 and Palit’s card is priced at under $500.00, a winning price at this time point.

Palit GeForce GTX280 Review