Palit GeForce GTX280 Review :: Introduction

07-26-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Palit is a well known company across the sea, but in America they are still making a name for themselves here in the US of A, which is a strange twist as they are NVIDIAís biggest partner. XFX, EVGA and BFG are the main partners in the NVIDIA VGA game here in the states and now Pailt joins those ranks. Some of the partners have shown ruffled feathers in the wake of Palitís emergence onto the scene and without mentioning names itís a bit crazy as a writer to get attitude for just reviewing a another companies products. Itís just business and all companies are fair game in the review world as that is what we do, review products.

Being such a large company like Palit is they are not limited by virtue of the numbers game to any one chipset slinger and offer VGA solutions from both the big guys ATI and NVIDIA. This gives Palit a broader spectrum of sales and offers them a user base that includes everyone who wants a VGA card, regardless of chipset maker hating that clearly exists. The GTX280 chipset from NVIDIA is a winner in itself and offers the fastest framerates seen to date in a single card solution, so that in itself is an Editors Choice chipset if we were to separate the chipset into its own review. That said; Palit brings to the table the strength of their company and their lower than average RMA as well as a value priced products that are lower than many of the competitors same spec cards.

Palit GeForce GTX280 Review