XFX GeForce GTX260 XXX Edition Video Card Review :: Conclusion

07-22-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

XFX GeForce GTX260 XXX Edition Video Card Review

The GTX260 from XFX is an interesting beast in that it is highly overclocked from the standard reference GTX260 that many companies are selling. In some cases the card comes close in performance to the GTX280 in CPU limited situations like COD4 but offering high performance in every other situation. The XFX GTX260 XXX Edition comes with Call of Duty 4, making it an excellent buy for those wanting good performance as it outperforms the HD4870 card from ATI nearly across the board.

The card is available on Newegg for $329, which is about $20 more than the standard XFX GTX260 is available for currently. The market for video cards prices is constantly changing, and with NVIDIA lowering the standard MSRP of the GTX260 reference clocked cards to $299, almost matching the HD4870 in price and making the XFX GTX260 XXX Edition a mere $20.00 more. The GTX260 in itself is in a precarious selling situation as it is a bit more costly than the 4870 cards from ATI that are similarly priced, but it does offer better performance in higher resolutions so for those with a 24'' or bigger monitors this is a better card. Overall NVIDIA did a decent job with this chipset; XFX has just spiced it up a little and made it faster.