HIS Radeon HD3650 Review :: Conclusion

07-19-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

The release of the HD4xxx series cards in the upcoming weeks means that ATI will have released their next generation card series. The 4850 is being released at a price point of $199, but nothing has been said about the mainstream version of that card that corresponds to the HD3650 being reviewed here. HD3650 fits into the $70-100 price range making it a mainstream choice for the consumer. The HIS card is an excellent example of the HD3650 as it has a high clock speed, good over-clock-ability, and the very high performance IceQ cooling system to keep the graphics chip cool even under load. The next few weeks should be interesting as new cards like the HD4850 and GTX260 reach the market, perhaps driving the prices of the higher performing cards like the HD3870 and 8800GT into this market. We’ll see how it turns out.