Tagan Black Pearl Case Review :: Conclusion

07-06-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Tagan Black Pearl Case Review

The ability to work inside a case without getting cut is underrated, and a real pet peeve of mine, I mean címon why any piece of equipment should cause me physical damage and pain is beyond me. This case is smooth and everything is rounded off inside offering a safe working environment for your hands, no cuts here folks. I like where the PSU bay is located as it offers better heat separation between it and the rest of the system. Using the Tagan BZ Series 1100W PSU ended up being such a cosmetically appealing and functional power supplies I have to say it is one of my personal favorites. Using that PSU in combination with the Black Pearl enclosure made the visual interpretation of the system just that more appealing as its cable management options are very excellent.

Tagan has done an excellent job with the Black Pearl aluminum chassis in many ways due to the fact that it offers a variety of features and no real drawbacks of any type in its overall achievement. From its front control panel and easy access pop-out USB 2.0 ports to its roomy interior and solid construction the Black Pearl is winner. The fact that the BP comes geared for liquid cooling is another bonus that will highly benefit the user that is planning on exercising that feature. The only drawback to this fine enclosure is itís close to $300.00 price tag that will daunt many users on a budget, but for those who do not care for price and do not want to skimp on their case, this is a bad boy. I high-jacked this case from inventory and had Thrasher2 rebuild my personal system in it so it is safe to say itís an Editorís Choice Product, yes itís that good, just a bit pricey!