Tagan Black Pearl Case Review :: Tagan BZ Series ESA 1100W PSU

07-06-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Tagan Black Pearl Case Review

Modular power supplies have become the next big thing in the evolution of the PSU and many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of this new style. Tagan has taken this to another level by offering cables that are not only modular and removable, but are also round and very easy to negotiate through the case during a system build. This PSU is advanced an offers the ability for Tri-SLI Support or Quad CrossFire configurations. It also has color coded cables to help identify what cables are being used for a specific piece of hardware and eliminates cable mismanagement.

The ESA features monitors and auto adjusts water cooling, chassis cooling, and most important of all, power regulation throughout the entire system. With Tagan ESA BZ PSU in the system, you are guaranteed to have pure power to help manages all vital components to achieve optimal over clocking, gaming, and performance. ESA only works with NVIDIA’s high-end motherboards in the current state of things, but regardless of that feature the 1100W BZ series PSU still offers more features than most of the PSU’s on the open market and will be a powerhouse that can run any system. Looks are a very important aspect to any system mod and the BZ 1100w series PSU is one of the best looking I have ever seen, and it lights up as well adding color dimension to the interior glow of the system.

Special Features:

-Patented 20+4 Cable Design.
-Environmentally Friendly at Over 80% Efficiency.
-TURBO Mode to combine all Six +12 Rails to one for ultimate stability.
-Perfect for high end system demands.
-Gold Plated connectors.
-Thermal Control Cooling Fan.
-REMI Technology for EMI Reduction.
-Extra Ground Wire to Further Reduce Static Noise.
-Advanced Auto Thermal Fan Design and Heat Dissipation Architecture for Maximized Cooling and Noise Reduction.
-Low ripple and noise.
-100% Hi-Pot Tested.
-Titanium coating mirror case.
-ESA system is the Nvidia's PSU monitoring system for gamer and top user.
-Internal ESA control system to monitor output voltage and current, and temperature inside of PSU.
Power Max: 1100W
Over Current/Yes, Over Power/Yes, Over Temp/Yes, Over Voltage/Yes
Under Voltage/Yes, Short Circuit/Yes
Type: ATX12V/V2.2 & EPS12V/V2.92
dB: 26@2480RPM
Fans included: 1x135mm
M/B 20 + 4 1 on board
ATX12V (4P) 1 on board
EPS12V (8P) 1 on board
Peripherals (4P) 6 modular
VGA (4P) 1 on board
FDD (4P) 1(4Pin*2) Y-Cable
SATA (5P) 12 modular
PCI-E (6P) 2 modular
PCI-E (6+2P) 2 modular
USB cable 1 on board
Ground Wire 1 on board

Tagan Black Pearl Case Review
Tagan Black Pearl Case Review
Tagan Black Pearl Case Review
Tagan Black Pearl Case Review