EVGA GeForce GTX 280 1GB FTW Edition Review :: Conclusion

06-16-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Wow, there is fast and then there is faster and then thereís the fastest. The new EVGA GTX208 FTW Edition VGA card is the fastest single card solution we have ever had to grace our labs period; itís as fast as an entry level 9800GX2 and faster than dual 9800GTXís running in an SLI configuration. Usually with a release that comes so soon after a previous release you see just slight improvements in performance over its predecessor, but the GTX280 release brings over double the power of the 9800GTX. EVGA has also taken an already fast chipset and pumped up the volume by way of their FTW overclocked Edition, which just blazes a trail of pixel pumped framerates. And with EVGAs new overclocking tool called Precision you can push that little old GTX card just a wee-bit further lads.

There is no doubt that this card is going to sell well on the market and evens ATIs new 4000 series cards will be hard put to beat the performance of the new GTX280 series cards. Most retailers and e-tailors should have stock available for purchase as early as tomorrow, but they are going to sell out like pancakes to a starving audience with all the raving reviews surrounding them. If you already own an EVGA VGA card you can take advantage of their ongoing upgrade program and save yourself some cash with a trade-in. EVGA also has an excellent warranty program that is second to none and many users find buying comfort with that knowledge in hand as it adds another dimension to the final purchase choice. Like always with the luxury of the best comes the best price-tag and the new EVGA GTX280 FTW Edition is not for the meek of cash as it comes with a cost allotment of $650-680 American presidents to get your hands on one. There is no doubt that this is a serious Editors Choice Award product as it just plain kicks major pixel pumping ass and can even tame resource greedy games like Crysis and STALKER. Its new, itís fast and itís here folks the GTX280 is the fastest single slot solution video card on planet Earth!