Cooler Master CSX Warfare Stacker 830 Review :: Introduction

06-13-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Cases are the first thing besides the monitor that a computer enthusiast will look at as they contain all of the components of the computer besides things like the monitor, keyboard and mouse and are often modded with custom paint jobs and designs by the enthusiast to show off the case at home, at LAN parties and at other events where the public sees a computer.

Cooler Master CSX Warfare Stacker 830 Review

Cooler Master builds cases, cooling solutions, power supplies and other computer components. Their Stacker 830 case is the basis for this Custom Painted Warfare case as the name implies. CSX stands for Custom Style experience. One thing that has to be gotten around right out of the bat, this case costs $999 right off the bat, meaning that only the most hardcore enthusiast or rich people should look at this case. That being said, letís see what this case is all about.