CoolIt Eliminator Liquid CPU cooler Review :: Introduction

06-06-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Doc Overclock

CoolIT systems are a company that specializes in various cooling units based on both liquid and Peltier solutions for the end user client. They have made advances in the cooling industry by making High-End cooling easy for the common man. One of the things that appeals to many users who would normally shy away from liquid cooled systems was the intense building skills needed to accomplish the task of assembling and installing the cooling system, but with the CoolIt products this task is eliminated by the self contained cooling devices that just install like a standard air cooler.

There are many models for you to choose from with prices ranging from semi-entry level to enthusiast based systems with matching price tags. The main goal it seems for these folks is simplicity for the common user who would normally shun anything that has the word liquid in it for their PC. The thing is liquid cooling offers the best thermal protection and allows better overclocking and stability in a system when used properly. This in itself is a strong and valid reason for eliminating that old-school air cooler that comes with your CPU and upgrading your system to something a bit more robust and powerful. Todayís venture takes us into the lab to test out the CoolIt Eliminator that uses Peltier devices to chill the liquid used to cool your CPU, letís see how well it works shall we?

CoolIt Eliminator Liquid CPU cooler Review