Silverstone KL03 Case Review :: Silverstone KL03 Interior

05-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

The KL03 case has 7 drive bays available for optical drives. If you use the HDD expansion cage the case is limited to four expansion bays. There is an additional 3.5” drive bay on top of the removable HDD cage for another HDD. The hard drives are installed via a drawer that is removable. To remove a HDD drawer press the right latch, pull the front part of the drawer out to an angle and pull the drawer to you. Simple as pie to take them out and insert them again.

Silverstone KL03 Case Review HDD cage

HDD cage

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Silverstone KL03 Case Review Internal drive bays

Internal drive bays

One special feature of the HDD cage is the ability to hot-swap the power and data cables for a SATA drive. A single CP-05 connector is included with the KL03. If you want to have the capability to use the other 3.5” bays as hot-swappable drive bays, additional CP-05 connectors need to be purchased. The CP-05 is designed to work with Silverstone cases but may work on other cases. The KL03 is an Extended ATX case. This means that the case can fit motherboards that are designed for workstations or servers that are larger than the standard ATX motherboards that many enthusiasts use today. Regular ATX cases fit easily into the KL03 or even the mini-ATX cases. The KL03 gives the user the choice if you have an EATX motherboard.

Silverstone KL03 Case Review 120mm rear fan

120mm rear fan

Silverstone KL03 Case Review 120mm front fan

120mm front fan

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Side panel open

Side panel open

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Side panel for 120mm fans attached

Side panel for 120mm fans attached

Silverstone has opted to have the drives mount with sliding locks in lieu of a plastic lock that some cases have or the standard screwed drive installation. I prefer the sliding locks personally, as the plastic locks can break if too much force is applied and the installation of a drive with screws alone is just tacky on a high-end case. The expansion slots deserve special mention. First there are thumb screws holding the expansion cards into place. Thumb screws are great as they are easy to remove and insert without fussing with a Phillips head screwdriver. On the top of the expansion slots is a 120mm fan to keep the system cool. Silverstone goes a step further including a side panel with spots for two further 120mm fans that are not included.