Silverstone KL03 Case Review :: Silverstone KL03 Exterior

05-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

The Front door of the KL03 is the same quality as their Temjin cases. Aluminum, as you know is a lightweight strong material used in several of the cases on the market as well as in aluminum cans and baseball bats. As the KL03 is not an aluminum case, the use of the material on the front door means that the case may end up a little lighter than with solid SECC Steel construction.

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Front door open

Front door open

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Silverstone logo

Silverstone logo

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Left side

Left side

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Right side

Right side

The left side of the case has a window. While a lot of case manufacturers are using mesh on the side, I prefer the window to show what’s inside the case itself. Colorful lighting while in operation makes the case look spectacular. Anyone who buys a case like the Silverstone is likely to have a high-end system and want to show it off, as the normal computer user will not likely spend $180~ on a case.

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Left Side

Left Side

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Left side door off

Left side door off

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Front drive bays

Front drive bays

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Rear IO

Rear IO

One special feature of the front door is the ability to open the door from either right to left or left to right. To change the opening, simply remove the front panel by pressing the upper hinge and attaching it to the opposite side of the case. This is a great feature for those that prefer their case door to open a certain way and is worthy of mention.

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Front IO

Front IO

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Front IO 2

Front IO 2

Silverstone KL03 Case Review FDD bay

FDD bay

Silverstone KL03 Case Review Exterior Shot

Exterior Shot

The I/O of the case is located on the top of the case. Some cases have this located on the side, some on the bottom, but I prefer this location as it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the case. The Front Panel I/O area is made out of aluminum. There is two USB 2.0 ports, a Firewire port, two audio jacks, Power and Reset buttons. The only other addition I would add would be an external SATA port, as that is becoming more and more popular. Removing the front door, reveals the 4 5.25” drive bays available to the case, the two FDD drive bays (though I would prefer Silverstone eliminate one of these in their next case as FDDs are obsolete), and the front 120mm fan. This fan covers the HDD cage and can easily be removed. The HDDs are installed via a sliding mechanism with tabs for easy removal from the drive bays when you need to remove them. This is a simple task and requires no tools.