XFX 9800GTX Black Edition Review :: Conclusion

05-21-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Although not the fastest card out there in the VGA world the XFX Black Edition is one serious card for the gaming crowd as it does perform above the standard variety of 9800GTX cards. The Black Edition plays games very well and although the card is overclocked right out of the box it does not generate massive amounts of heat and does not crash due to overheating. Overclocking beyond the shipped clocked speed showed okay stability, but it's fairly well pushed as is and additional overclocking would need a better VGA cooling solution.

The bundle and support are very well with the XFX Black Edition GeForce 9800GTX, it comes with COD4, which is one of the hottest PC gaming titles available at this moment and costs around $49.95 at most e-tailors or retailers making the card a more attractive buy. Support and warranty options are well taken care of BY XFX as they take very good care of their customers in the after purchase environment and quick RMA return times. Overall this card is a solid piece of equipment that excels in the 1920X1200 and below resolutions with moderate AA and AF settings. In the 1680 and 1280 resolutions you can turn up the AA and AF settings to their maximum values and get great FPS gameplay. Not quite an Editor's Choice, but definitely a Hot Product award winner.