XFX 9800GTX Black Edition Review :: Introduction

05-21-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX has become a household name in the PC industry and they have taken major strides to become a worldwide player in the VGA and motherboard game. They have market shares just about everywhere and have begun to really expand their sales across the globe. XFX started out slinging VGA cards, but as NVIDIA has grown into the motherboard arena they have followed suite and started making motherboards on the latest chipset offerings from them as well.

Recently there have been many releases of new NVIDIA based products to hit the market and almost every few weeks we have seen a new product hit the shelves as NVIDIA ramps up their battle not only against other VGA companies, but takes the battle to Intel to boot. NVIDIA plays hardball that is their game and like it or not they have made major strides in knocking their opponents off the field, but taking on Intel is like taking a big bite of a sandwich and hard to swallow as Intel as well knows the game and plays for keeps.