Hiper Anubis Case Review :: Introduction

05-21-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Hiper is best known as a power supply manufacturer but have also branched out into cases, keyboards, Media Center PCs, Case Fans and more. They are based in the United Kingdom (England) and were formed in 2001. The Hiper business philosophy consists of three key points Vigorous Innovative and Proactive (V.I.P.). Hiper uses this philosophy to define what their product line and their business operates under.

Cases are among the most important parts of the computer in many senses. The first thing you see when you look at a new computer is the case that contains all of the components of the computer besides the monitor and keyboard/mouse. The case also defines how easy it is to add/remove components from a computer and it defines how much expansion the computer can do and what kind of motherboard is installed. Hiper has two cases on their lineup the Anubis and the Osiris. As you might know Anubis was the Egyptian god of the Underworld. Osiris was the other Egyptian god of the dead. Interesting naming choice by Hiper but the name of a case or other computer component is only a side note. The case I'm reviewing today is the Hiper Anubis which is the lower end of the two cases in their lineup but should prove interesting.