ECS 8800GT N8800GT-256MX Review :: Introduction

05-16-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

ECS manufactures video cards motherboards and other computer equipment for many years. They are known primarily as a mainstream computer component manufacturer that has been trying to get into the enthusiast category with various attempts to make their products overclocker friendly, with features that other companies don’t have and lower prices than other manufacturers.

NVIDIA released their 8800GT 512MB card late last year as the fastest G92 chip at the time. The 8800GT was a successful card as it had the same performance as the last generation video cards for a lower price and power requirement. Today virtually every card in NVIDIA’s lineup with the exception of the 9600GT and the older cards still for sale is based upon the G92 chip that the original 8800GT used.

Today ECS is releasing another 8800GT card. So why release an 8800GT card when there are 9800GTX cards and 9600GT cards for sale? Good question. The 8800GT is still a great card and while the 512MB versions of the card are expensive in relation to the 256MB versions, ECS has decided to go a different route. Their 256MB version of the 8800GT has 512MB of memory on it, for the same price as a 256MB version.