Diamond Radeon HD3650 1GB Review :: Diamond Radeon HD3650 1GB Features

05-07-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

Brand Name


Diamond Part Number

ATI Radeon™ HD 3650 PCIE 1024MB GDDR2 Video Card

Graphics Chip


Core clock


Shader Clock




Fabrication Process



378 million

Memory clock

792MHz/1884MHz effective

Memory Interface


Memory bandwidth


Memory Size




Texture Filtering Units


Texture Filtering Rate

5.8 GTexels/second

HDCP Support


HDMI Support

Yes (using DVI-to HDMI adapter)


1x Dual-Link DVI-I, 1 D-sub connector, 1 7-pin HDTV Out




PCI Express 2.0

Form Factor

Single Slot

Power Connectors


Features at a glance

  • Superscale unified shader architecture
  • PCI Express x16 2.0 support
  • 120 Unified Stream Processors
  • 128-bit memory interface
  • Direct X 10.1 / Shader Model 4.1
  • ATI Crossfire X Multi-GPU Support for highly scalable performance
  • Up to four GPU support with an AMD 790FX based motherboard
  • High-speed 128-bit-HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering
  • Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
  • 55nm process technology
  • ATI Avivo HD Video and Display Technology
  • Game Physics processing capability
  • Up to 24X Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
  • Built-in HDMI with Multi-channel 5.1 surround audio
  • Support for the ATI Radeon DVI to HDMI adapter
  • Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for Blu-ray and HD DVD
  • ATI PowerPlay energy conserving technology
  • Built-in DisplayPort™ technology
  • OpenGL 2.0 Support



  • GPU: ATI Radeon™ 3650
  • Bus Type: PCI-Express
  • Core Clock: 725 MHZ
  • Memory Size: 1024MB
  • Memory Configuration: GDDR2
  • Memory Interface: 128-Bit
  • Memory Speed: 792MHz
  • API Support: DirectX® 10.0 and 10.1, OpenGL
  • x2 Dual Link DVI (HDMI via DVI-HDMI adaptor)

System Requirements

  • AMD Athlon® or Intel® Pentium® 4
  • PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard
  • 300 Watt or greater power supply recommended (450 Watt for dual ATI CrossFireX)
  • 1GB of system memory
  • Installation software requires CD-ROM drive
  • DVD playback requires DVD drive
  • Blu-ray™ / HD DVD playback requires Blu-ray / HD DVD drive
  • For a complete ATI CrossFireX™ system, a second ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 graphics card, an ATI CrossFireX Ready motherboard and one ATI CrossFireX Bridge Interconnect cable per board (included) are required


Package Includes:

  • Diamond Viper ATI Radeon™ HD 3650 graphics card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • Installation CD
  • Component HDTV Adapter
  • TVO Cable

ATI’s 3650 series is their mid-range offering in their lineup with the 3870X2 being the highest end, the 3870 being the enthusiast and the 3450 being the value segment of their lineup. ATI’s lineup is rather interesting in that the various cards overlap in price depending on the memory configurations, chip used, and manufacturer. The Diamond HD3650 is available online for a price of $120-130 putting it squarely against the 3850 and GeForce 9600GT for the gaming dollar.

The 3xxx series was all about bringing DirectX 10.1 to the gaming audience. ATI’s HD2xxx series which preceded it was just too late in the game and slow compared to the comparable NVIDIA cards for ATI to seriously take much market share from their rivals, as the cards drew much more power and provided only bare comparative performance differences between the completion at this price point and the series.

Direct X10.1 introduced some new features into the DirectX API including improved support for Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing, improvements to Pixel and Vertex Shaders and more. The majority of the new features are slight improvements over the previous generation DirectX 10.0. In any event, without going into the politics of whether DX 10.1 is a major update, there are no games that currently require DirectX 10.1 released.

Diamond Radeon HD3650 1GB Review Clock Speeds

Clock Speeds

The clock speed of the 1GB HD3650 card is set at 725MHz which is the same as the reference clock of the HD3650 512MB. The 3650 cards as are all HD3xxx discrete cards are based upon TSMC’s 55 nanometer process with 378 million transistors and codenamed RV635. The HD3650 has 120 Stream Processors, compared to 360 SPs on the HD3870 and 40 SPs on the HD3450.