Palit GeForce 9800GTX Review :: Palit 9800GTX Gaming

04-11-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

The remake of Tomb Raider included with the card is based upon the first game in the series. The graphics engine is a slightly modified version of the one used in Tomb Raider Legend, a DX9 game, meaning that the 9800GTX should play this game with ease. TRA played on the 9800GTX without issue at up to the maximum that my 24” monitor supports 1920x1200 without problems with constant frame rates throughout the game.

The second game I want to talk about is Crysis. After over a year, this game is still one of the most graphically beautiful, demanding games on the PC platform, giving headaches to even the most hardcore enthusiast in terms of sheer performance. The 9800GTX was able to play the game comfortably at a resolution of 1280x1024 with 4x AA and 16x AF. Command and Conquer 3 was one of the top selling games of 2007 and is the third installment in a long running RTS (Real Time Strategy) series dating to 1996. This game and its expansion pack, Kane’s Wrath are excellent examples of games not requiring huge graphics cards to play good games. The 9800GTX handled this game without pause or problem.