Palit GeForce 9800GTX Review :: Introduction

04-11-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

The video card market has changed very little in the last two years as NVIDIA and ATI have released new versions of their first DX10 video cards with slight changes in features and additional performance. NVIDIA launched the 9800GTX card on April first, one of the weirdest yet truthfully iconic launch dates in recent history. As we all know, the 9800GTX is basically a modified 8800GTS 512MB card with higher clock speeds and a higher price.

Palit is a European and Asian based video card manufacturer that builds NVIDIA video cards, ATI video cards, motherboards and other computer equipment. They have built a name for themselves in Europe but have also begun selling video cards in the United States and Russia. Today Iím reviewing their version of the 9800GTX card which was just announced on April 1st by NVIDIA. NVIDIA is hell bent on dominating both the GPU and CPU markets and only time will show how successful they will be in this venture.