XFX GeForce 9600GT XXX Alpha Dog Review :: Conclusion

04-04-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Obviously, XFX has a winner on their hands for the mid level buyer who wants either a single or multi GPU SLI based system that is in the affordable range of most gamers who value performance and compatibility. SLI means less stress on any single card in a given gaming environment and even if some games do not actually take full advantage of the features of SLI, the cards still are able to process and deliver more performance in situations where resolutions are high as are the AA and AF capabilities in many of todayís hottest game titles. In our tests a pair of these cards in SLI beats the 9800GTX hands down and costs almost the same.

That said a pair of these 9600GT cards in an SLI configuration are able to bring to your viewing screen clean and clear visuals at 1920X1200 with all the bells and whistles turned up on all games, including Crysis, which in my humble opinion plainly is not a stable game in many instances and not worth its weight in plastic. All the other games played great and many of the titles have the (best played on NVIDIA) pop up before the game menu so compatibility should be optimal in most circumstances. XFX has a very solid warranty and support program, which adds a bit to the overall value equation and final buying choice. So what we have in the end game is this: A solid card, very well priced, performance savvy in SLI, and it comes with a free great game to boot. This is a most certainly an Editors Choice product because at this price level itís a hard pair to beat.