SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review :: KLO2 Kublai System Build

04-02-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

I was able to build an awesome basic gaming system with the SilverStone case. The ASUS P5K motherboard fit easily as it should being a standard ATX sized motherboard based upon Intelís P35 chipset. I installed a 6800GT video card from EVGA into the PCI Express slot. The card was about 9.5 inches long but had a Molex connector on the rear, adding another inch to the card. The card fit into the case with a little worrying about the length as the Molex connector was right against the HDD.

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review System


SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Video Card+HDD

Video Card+HDD

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review System


SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Completed System

Completed System

Silverstone says the KL02 case is capable of mounting a 12 inch video card. Keep in mind, that this is the case if no HDD or DVD drive is installed. With a drive installed you might run into an issue where the video card or its power connector may interfere with the HDD. Another reviewer (Phoronix) noticed a problem when installing a X1900XTX card from ATI as the card was too long to use the HDD in the adjacent spot. The KL02 does not have a motherboard tray. Motherboard trays allow for easy installation of the motherboard, CPU and memory outside the case confines but considering the target market of this case, the $100 case buyer is not likely to find many in this price range with motherboard trays and is not a detriment to the rest of the case.

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Powered On

Powered On

One other consideration of installation of a system into a case is the ease in which drives are installed. The KL-02 case has sliding drive bays which allow the installation of hard drives or other media without the use of a screw. SilverStone recommends the use of a screw to hold it into place but the drives went in easily and seemed secure with the included drive rails. The case does not come with a preinstalled PSU. I find most bundled PSUs to be inadequate for the hardcore enthusiast, preferring to install my own. In the system build I used a TruePower 430W PSU that is rather inadequate for most gaming uses, but is adequate for the system I built. A 1000W PSU easily fit into the space as well, making the case a good fit for those wanting a nice PSU.