SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review :: KLO2 Kublai Overview

04-02-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Model No.

 SST-KL02B (black)

 SST-KL02B-W (black, with window)




 Aluminum & mesh front panel, SECC body


  ATX, Micro ATX





 Driver Bay



5.25" x 5 or 9 without HDD cage (removable)


3.5" x 1



3.5" x 4 (vibration dampening)

 Cooling System



1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm



1 x 120mm exhaust fan, 1200rpm



Left side panel with vents, 2 x 120mm fan slot (SST-KL02B only)










 Expansion Slot


 Front I/O Port

USB2.0 x 2
IEEE1394 x 1
audio jack x 1
MIC x 1

 Power Supply

  1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)

 Expansion Card

  Full size long cards capable (12”)

 Net Weight

 8 kg


  203 mm (W) x 436 mm (H) x 474mm (D)



The Silverstone case is a mid-Tower ATX case constructed of SECC Steel (Steel Electrogalvanized Cold-rolled, Coil), a common material for cases. The front panel is made out of aluminum and is a wire mesh for better air flow. SilverStone says that this case combines the best of both metals and is similar to the Temjin cases which are made out of aluminum alone. This particular case came with a window to see the computer’s interior when in operation, which BTW is really cool for custom builds.

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Mesh


SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Side Window

Side Window

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Drive Bays

Drive Bays

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review HDD Cage

HDD Cage

The dimensions of the case are 203mm (Width)x 436 mm (Height) x 474mm (Depth). With NVIDIA and ATI video cards sometimes being 12 inches long with the X2 and GX2 models or workstation graphics cards, the SilverStone case is said able to fit those cards without problem. The weight of the case is 8Kg, which is light by most standards with the TJ10 weighing in at 13 Kg (But the TJ10 is a Full Tower Case)

The case has 9 drive bays 5 5.25” full size bays and four 3.5” HDD bays which can be removable to bring the total of 5.25” bays possible to nine. The customization feature of the HDD bay is excellent for the user that wants a new system but doesn’t have the room for a full-tower case as the TJ10 is rather large the KL02 would be a perfect fit.

One special feature of this case is the hot-swappable SATA drive bays for the HDDs in the HDD cage. An adapter is included for the SATA drive with additional adapters needed to install more than one hot-swappable drive into the bay. The power connector on the included adapter is the 4-pin Molex connector so installation of more adapters is an easy chore.

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review 120mm fan

120mm fan

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Rear 120mm fan

Rear 120mm fan

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Front Panel I/O

Front Panel I/O

SilverStone KLO2 Kublai Series Case Review Power Button

Power Button

Two 120mm fans are included with the KL02 case, one on the front of the case for intake one on the rear of the case for exhaust. Two case fans as standard is excellent for a mid-tower ATX case. The side panel of the KL02B has two slots for two more 120mm fans, bringing the total to four possible fans on the case without modification.

The rear of the case has seven openings for expansion slots on a motherboard. As the ATX or micro-ATX motherboard usually comes with a maximum of a PCI Express x16 slot and 6 other expansion slots at most, the inclusion of seven slots is normal. The top of the case has the area for the PSU, allowing for the use of any ATX PSU.

The Front Panel I/O area is well featured, with 2 USB 2.0 ports, a IEEE-1394 Firewire port, an audio jack and a Microphone jack. If you are like me I use USB devices all day with keyboards, mice, TV tuners and other devices using USB, so the addition of two USB 2.0 ports is excellent. Firewire is used mainly for Digital camera enthusiasts and is also welcome. The top of the case has the Power button instead of the usual position of the front of the case.