XFX GeForce 9800GTX Video Card Review :: Introduction

04-02-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

NVIDIA is launching a new GTX card today the 9800GTX. The GTX moniker has always stood for high-end performance from the chip. The 7800GTX was the fastest 7XXX series card till the 7900GTX, the 8800GTX was the fastest 8xxx card until the Ultra and it generally meant that the card was the fastest single card of that generation.

NVIDIA has a long history of video cards dating to the NV1 back in 1995 which had integrated sound and was based upon curved surface rendering. After an abortive start of the NV2 and a try at the Sega Saturn graphics chip, NVIDIA has released many cards improving features and performance every year or so starting with the TNT in 1998. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has not recently released a new better performing card since the 8800GTX in 2006. XFX is one of NVIDIA's partners in building video cards based upon their chipsets. Today they are releasing three cards based upon the new 9800GTX, the standard clocked 675MHz I'm reviewing today, a 720MHz version and their standard XXX version that has a 740MHz Core Clock. As with any new card launch there's bound to be new performance from the new card.