GIGABYTE GV-RX387512H HD3870 512MB Crossfire Review :: Conclusion

03-07-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

GIGABYTE has done a wonderful job with their new HD3870 card in many respects. One especially nice addition to the bundle was that of NeverWinter Nights 2, a recent RPG game. Many card manufacturers are forgoing the games bundle meaning that there are fewer costs involved in bringing the new video card to the market in packaging. I prefer a game to increase the value of the bundle.

Their RX387512H is a reference clocked card, meaning that there is little difference in performance between this card and the HD3870 card reviewed on launch day. This review did give me the opportunity to test two 3870 cards from the same manufacturer in Crossfire mode. Crossfire is ATI’s multi-GPU implementation and works flawlessly in most applications. Right now for the MSRP of $189, a 3870 is an excellent value for the consumer wanting high-end performance but not wanting to spend the money. Today’s $200 video card was yesterday’s high-end card and the performance and features of the GIGABYTE HD3870 based card are amazing for the price.