AMD 780G Chipset / AMD Athlon X2 4850e Platform Review :: Conclusion

03-05-2008 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Ben Sun

The 4850e X2 CPU does what it is designed to do, namely bring the performance and features of the 4800 X2 into the 45W maximum power draw domain. From a performance point of view this new CPU is in line with the 4800+ X2 with similar performance across the board. Computers are going green in every sense of the word, with motherboard manufacturers designing motherboards with lower power becoming more important in saving the environment and energy. With a projected MSRP of $89, the 4850e CPU is excellent to facilitate this.

The 780G chipset is another matter altogether. With their first DirectX 10 integrated graphics chipset, AMD has redefined what the integrated graphics should be. Performance of the integrated graphics is near on par with the HD3450 that ATI sent with the kit. Integrated graphics that nearly equal discrete graphics of the mainstream is excellent, as that means you donít have to purchase an additional add-in card for the $50 they are targeting the motherboard chipset at. Building a new system with an inexpensive CPU and memory is a definite boon to the OEMs.

The end-user wanting a system to play Blu-Ray Discs and light DirectX 10 gaming will love the 780G chipset as it almost has the same performance as the HD3450 by itself and for an inexpensive $49 can improve performance with an additional add-in card ala the 3450. Note Hybrid Crossfire only works on the low end video cards of ATIís line up and adding a HD3870 or HD3870X2 will be the better bet for the enthusiast wanting to heavily game on a system based upon this motherboard. Itís a bit too bad that AMD doesnít compete directly against Intel in the Intel chipset market as that would be interesting to see with this new integrated graphics chipset.