Logitech G9 Mouse Review :: Conclusion

02-28-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

The G9 mouse from Logitech is by no means the most affordable mouse; in fact the Microsoft sidewinder offers a similar feature set for a bit less. That said when it comes to features the G9 goes above and beyond in several areas. It offers higher resolution optics, finer weight adjustments (4 grams vs. Microsoft’s 5 grams), adjustable grips for greater comfort, and the unique profiling software with onboard storage means you create your settings once and then you can take them anywhere your mouse goes. The crazy durability ratings are a plus but honestly I wouldn’t expect anyone to be using a mouse beyond a year or two at most, so if anything that great durability means that this mouse will undoubtedly be a great hand me down when you go out and get Logitech’s next great mouse in 2010.