Logitech G9 Mouse Review :: Testing

02-28-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

Tested in:

  • Crysis
  • Project reality
  • Company of Heroes
  • EVE-Online

In Crysis you basically have chaos with everyone just running around killing each other at random. I have yet to find a well organized team out there. As for the mouse, the resolution of the mouse can dip as low as 200dpi however in my experience that low of a resolution is practically useless, 400 dpi is as low as I go for sniping with. For regular run and gun, I found 1600dpi to be perfect. Going all out makes your character a little too twitchy. The thumb controls are in a good location allowing for easy control the Crysis suite menu. The mouse wheel works great for zooming in as well as switching weapons. Overall the mouse worked out very well.

In project reality more of the same, most first person shoots are the same at their core. The Project reality mod however gives us the addition of vehicles we pretty accurate flight characteristics. In this game as well as the un-modded versions flight is not as simple as say Crysis or other titles out there. The G9 mouse with its wide range of sensitivity allows it to be fine tuned into a pretty decent flight controller. With this mouse I was able to take to the skies with relative ease. Flight in both standard aircraft as well as helicopters was superb.

Company of Heroes is an RTS game, and one of the first to support DX10. With an RTS itís nice to have a mouse with programmable keys to call up things like overhead maps and squads of units. Being able to adjust the resolution doesnít play into the equation so much here but having smooth mouse inputs helps when selecting multiple units in the heat of battle. Again the mouse performed superbly.

Finally we have eve online, this is where the programmability of the mouse can really come in handy by setting multiple profiles for the same game you can setup different macros and such for different situations. Those people who play MMOís will understand the benefit of Macroís when it comes to executing complex or repetitive task a good macro can give you a huge advantage. In EVE for instance the ability or alpha strike( fire all of your weapons at once) can be a great advantage in PvP ( player vs. player combat) under normal circumstance you would have to individual click on a weapon to fire it or hit the corresponding hot key on your keyboard. With macros you can shave off seconds on your attacks by engaging all of your weapons on a target with one click of a button. This is one area where the G9 mouse coupled with the G15 keyboard is really superb.