ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review :: Usage

02-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Ben Sun

As a desktop PC user, I find laptop keyboards to have the keys too close for my tastes. One of the first problems I noticed after taking the Caesar keyboard out of the case was that the keyboard felt like a laptop keyboard in spacing of the keys and responsiveness of the keys when they are pressed. The keys are very close together meaning that typing takes a bit getting used to.

The second frustration that I found with the keyboard was the responsiveness of the keys. The keys on my Saitek keyboard press down with a regularity and click that tells me a key was pressed. On the Caesar, I was often taken aback by the lack of depression that a finger type would normally have on another keyboard.

The Media Keys worked without a problem after booting into Windows Vista. The keys are self-explanatory while playing a media file such as an AVI clip or Quicktime movie clip. Vista is the dominant operating system on the PC market today. The keys allow the end-user to open up the Mail, Gadgets, Media Center and Search with the tap of a single button. Easy and intuitive.

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Audio Jacks

Audio Jacks

Onboard audio on a keyboard? A unique feature of this keyboard is the onboard audio chip that routes out of the USB cable. You can attach a headphone to the keyboard meaning that the cord won’t have to reach down to the case with less likelihood of tripping over it. There are two jacks for a microphone and headphone on the side of the keyboard.

Gaming on the keyboard was a good experience. After getting used to the depression of the keys and the spacing, the keyboard did not disappoint me while playing games. One thing to mention is the small Function keys being a hindrance to the gamer not used to them as a game like Oblivion requires the constant use of those keys.