ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review :: Overview

02-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Ben Sun


  • World’s first meshed keyboard: awesome look to match your personality
  • Windows Vista support: designed for Windows Vista with five integrated hotkeys (Mail+Search+Flip 3D+Gadgets+ Media Center Start) plus additional Windows Vista Start Button
  • Audio I/O with five dedicated media hot keys: VoIP phone or headset support (Play/Pause+Stop+Mute+Volume Up+Volume Down)
  • Built-in Audio chip: auto-transferring audio signal via USB cable
  • “SCISSORS” key switch technology (patented): The most comfortable and responsive typing experience available today
  • 10 million keystroke lifetime: built for years
  • 2-port USB 2.0 high speed hub: for maximum connectivity right on your desk
  • 3 height level rubbered stands: decide your perfect height for the best typing experience ever
  • Extended wrist rest:  reducing typing stress and typing errors, while increasing comfort to your wrists
  • Industrial design and components: world leading engineering quality and lifetime
  • Everlasting key top printing: no bleaching out of key caps possible
  • Zero degree angle: increasing your typing experience
  • Flat key caps: shortest typing distance
  • Ultra flat profile: minimum height design
  • 1.45kgs/3.2lbs heavy: It won’t move while typing




Aluminum Treatment

Brushed with diamond-cut edges


USB 2.0


USB 2.0 *2 ports

Audio I/O

USB Audio (Built-in Audio chip)

Hot Keys

5 Media keys (Play/Pause+ Stop+ Mute+ Volume Up+ Volume Down)

5 Vista keys (Mail+ Search+ Flip 3D+Gadgets+Media Center Start)

Key Switch

Scissors structure

Key Zone


Power Source

USB Bus Power +5V


Black & Silver


L521 x W201 x H28


1.45kgs / 3.2 lbs

First things first about this keyboard, the packaging came with the keyboard, the plastic wrap for the keyboard and a colorful box. This is not a Wireless keyboard, meaning that there is no need for batteries and the box while colorful is not really eye-catching. A picture of the Caesar keyboard along with the main features of the keyboard is on the front of the box.

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Steel Mesh Grill

Steel Mesh Grill

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Right USB port

Right USB port

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Left USB port

Left USB port

The weight of the keyboard is important to use while typing. After all, if you want to use a keyboard for typing, the lighter keyboards may move when you don’t expect it to. 3.2 pounds is about the heaviest I’ve ever seen from a keyboard, besides the Saitek Eclipse keyboard that I use for everyday use. The weight of the board caused no issues during typing or gaming.

The keyboard is made out of brushed aluminum and steel-mesh. Aluminum is a lightweight strong metal that is used in cases, Coca-Cola cans and other metal objects. The keyboard has a metal steel-mesh grill that looks really awesome. If you’re worried about imprints from the keyboard grill on the bottom of the keyboard, don’t be, the keyboard won’t leave an imprint.

The Caesar is a USB Keyboard, meaning that it connects to the computer via a USB connection. Keyboards that come with USB ports on the side are fast becoming the norm for good keyboards. The Caesar comes with two USB 2.0 ports to allow it to act as a USB hub for those that want to connect USB devices to the keyboard. One USB port is on each side of the keyboard.

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Insert keys

Insert keys

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Numeric Keypad

Numeric Keypad

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Right hand side of keyboard

Right hand side of keyboard

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review *, /, Num Lock keys

*, /, Num Lock keys

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review LEDs


ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Rear of keyboard

Rear of keyboard

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Direction keys

Direction keys

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Rubber stands

Rubber stands

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Media keys

Media keys

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Vista keys

Vista keys

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review ESC key

ESC key

The layout of the keyboard is the standard QWERTY keyboard layout found on virtually every Windows based keyboard today. There are 104 standard keys including every letter of the alphabet, two sets of numeric keys, twelve function keys, Escape key and two Windows keys. Enermax includes 10 extra keys in the form of Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, and Volume Up, Volume Down keys for Media playback and Mail, Search, Flip 3D, Gadgets, and Media Center Start for Vista keys. An Enermax state that the Caesar keyboard has three heights with rubber stands to adjust the height. I prefer my keyboard to be flat against the table but everyone has their own opinion and can adjust it accordingly.