ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review :: Introduction

02-27-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Ben Sun

Keyboards are important pieces of hardware that are used by every computer user today without exception. Without a keyboard of some sort, there would be no Email, no Instant Messaging, no typing on the computer of Word Documents. One could say that besides the components inside a computer case, the keyboard along with the mouse is the most used computer hardware.

ENERMAX Caesar Keyboard Review Keyboard


But I digress a little. When I look for a keyboard I look for responsive keys, function keys that do what they advertise for and a solid feel for the keyboard before I look for aesthetics. Todayís market has plenty of keyboards from different companies with different feels. Enermax is best known as a Power Supply company that also builds cases, and other computer peripherals. Today Iím reviewing the Enermax Caesar keyboard.