TRITTON AX51 Headphones :: Introduction

02-19-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

Computers have become your complete multimedia entertainment center. You them for music, movies, games, photos, and more. When youíre playing your favorite game, watching a movie or listening to music it is fun to turn the volume up a bit so that you can really hear and feel whatís going on. Well if youíre like me you do.

But what happens when you are in a situation where you canít have that 800 watt 7.1 surround sound system turned up? Maybe you have a roommate, family or neighbors three blocks away who donít want to hear what youíre doing. So you plug in your headphones and do your best to enjoy what you have going on. Nine times out of ten this means standard stereo two speaker audio with little to no bass and only virtual surround sound to let you know whatís happening behind you. Well today we are going to change that, today we take a look at the Xtreme audio 5.1 headphones from Tritton, a product that promises to wrap that 800 watts of surround sound goodness around our heads. Warning hearing loss may occur ahead.