Ultra M998 PC Case :: Conclusion

01-28-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Jonathan Russell

Over all this is a nice case. There is plenty of room to work, and it has some nice features. Though the power bar is a cool feature I think there are some revisions that could be made to make it more compatible with the majority of power supplies out there. The cooling performance of the case was adequate. The two 120mm fans provided moved enough air through the case to keep the temperature inside 20 degrees of ambient. Considering we were running an over clocked e6650 with an 8800GTS video card thatís pretty good.

The overall quality of the case is excellent its sturdy construction and host of features means it is sure to last through a number of system builds. That would explain why the name itself, M998, is the same as one of the most durable military trucks out there.