XGene Trackball Keyboard Review :: Installation and Use

01-14-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

XGene Trackball Keyboard Review

Installing this keyboard is easy, with Windows Vista you simply connect the USB receiver to an available USB port and thatís it. The computer will automatically detect and install a driver; the install literally took about ten seconds.

XGene Trackball Keyboard Review

Here you can see itís just a simple receiver, when connected it looks like nothing more than a standard thumb drive. Reception was on par with the previous Xgene keyboard the keyboard worked flawlessly through several walls. There is defiantly no issue with using this keyboard on a system that is set away in a cabinet or even in another room.

Overall I would say this keyboard works well, the size I think is a little bit of an issue. The other keyboard is smaller and is curved to fit your hands. The trade off is oddly enough the size as well. The size of the larger keyboard allows it to accommodate the full size number pad as well as the full size remote. This gives you better functionality over all. On the technical side of things this keyboard could not be simpler. It is the definition of plug and play. All of the hit keys worked right out the box with no issue. The track ball mouse is not overly sensitive. And over all the keyboard just works which is always nice when a computer product requires no work in order to get it to function correctly.