Icemat Audio Black Siberia Multi Headset Review :: Conclusion

01-10-2008 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

Overall if you are looking for a new headset, these are defiantly worth a look. They are comfortable to wear for an extended periods. The sound as I said is pretty good with only a few shortcomings and over all they are set that will last you quite awhile.

The Black Siberia headphones represent a good midrange option when it comes to gaming headsets. The extra long cord, detachable microphone as well the independent controls are great additions that set these headphones apart from most. Add to that the quality of construction of the headphones and you have setup that is well worth your money and probably outlast most other headsets in the same category. While the sound from the speakers could have been better for the price they are well within the accepted standards.