V7 D24W33 24 Inch (HDMI) LCD Monitor Review :: Introduction

01-04-2008 · Category: Hardware - Monitors - LCDs

By Doc Overclock

Monitor sizes are growing, and most people nowadays have upgraded at least to a 17’’ flat panel or bigger depending on their budget and need. Prices are also falling making many of these large 22’’ and above monitors in an affordable price range. When you can go online at anytime day or night and pick up a 22’’ LCD for under $300.00 that is a very affordable price. Ingram Micro is a giant corporation that spans the globe and has partners at every point on the planet making them a strategic and well-organized group. The V7 group is an offshoot rebranding unit of the company that uses their enormous infrastructure to distribute high-quality well priced products to the masses.

The V7 group focuses on a few target areas of the electronics industry to fuel their fires and these products include GPS portable navigation systems, monitors, LCD televisions and replacement parts such and ink toner and high-end audio/computer cables. You will start to see more and more of these products make an emergence on the market as 2008 unfolds and more vendors and VARs begin to stock the V7 brand. The V7 group does not sell directly to the public as they sell in mass quantities to help maintain and ensure that the prices remain attractive to the end-user buyer. Fast response times help to eliminate screen tears and ghosting during game play and the V7 D24W33 offers excellent 2ms response times to counter those negative effects. Everything looks good on paper so far, but let’s run this monitor through a series of different user environments and see if it’s up to the challenge.

V7 D24W33 24 Inch (HDMI) LCD Monitor Review