APIOTEK Laptop accessory cards :: Esata Installation

12-26-2007 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Jonathan Russell

I found the drivers on the CD a little quirky in vista, a quick search of the APIOTEK website and I found an updated version of the drivers that worked out fine. The card supports native NCQ which gives your HDs a nice little performance boost if they happen to support it. It also supports RAID 0 and 1 this gives you the ability to either run a set of mirrored hard drives for data integrity or striped drives for extra performance. A great use for this would be if your laptop is your primary video editing computer. A pair of striped drives will give you greater performance when encoding large files. Connecting the card to an external Esata HD worked flawlessly. Since the laptop I am using doesn’t have an onboard Esata controller there was nothing to really compare how good it worked. However I tested the transfer speed of the hard drive with a 300mb movie file that I transferred from the onboard hard drive to the external one. The transfer time was approximately nine seconds, not too shabby; the average transfer speed was 48mb per second. Using a windows vista equipped PC I performed the same transfer in an equal amount of time. So the controller is as good as what you would find on any high end motherboard.